Courtesy: Arkansas State
JONESBORO, Ark. — Arkansas State University’s spirit character, Red, is nationally ranked again, according to the national videotape ranking for the Universal Cheer Association’s College National competition.

This is the same competition aired by ESPN each year. The top 10 mascots and spirit characters, based on a written form and a two-minute highlight video, will compete in final events for College Mascot Nationals at Disney’s Wide World of Sports, in Orlando, January 13-16, 2006.

“Red” is seeded number three among all spirit characters and mascots, after the preliminary competition.

“This is a great honor for Red and Arkansas State University,” said Andrea Scott, the ASU’s Director of Athletic Marketing. “The student who portrays the character does an amazing job of bringing “Red” to life. This student has been “Red” since the character came on the Arkansas State University scene three years ago. He deserves tremendous credit and recognition for his efforts.”

This is the third major honor for “Red.” The character won “the best mascot" competition at the Universal Cheerleader Association’s College Division camp held on the campus of the University of Alabama in July. The character also placed sixth in the UCA/UDA College Mascot Nationals last year.

The No. 1 seed for 2005-06 is “Aubie” from Auburn University. The Wildcat from University of Kentucky is currently second. The No. 4 seed is “Goldy Gopher” representing the University of Minnesota. Along with Red, these “Final Four” have earned a free trip to Orlando, Florida, to participate in the mascot division championships. Universal Cheer Association has not released the television schedule, at this time.

The top 10 ranking mascots receive an invitation to compete in the January Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championship.

The current mascot seeds for the 2006 College Cheerleading & Dance Team National Championship are:

1 Auburn University - "Aubie" 2 University of Kentucky - "Wildcat" 3 Arkansas State University - "Red" 4 University of Minnesota - "Goldy Gopher" 5 Michigan State University - "Sparty" Tie 6 University of Alabama - "Big AL" University of Iowa - "Herky the Hawk" 7 University of Wisconsin Madison - "Bucky Badger" 8 University of Delaware - "YoUDee" 9 University of Tennessee - "Smoky" 10 University of Nebraska - "Herbie Husker" 11 Sam Houston State University - "Sammy the Bearcat" 12 University of Arkansas - "Big Red" 13 University of Kansas - "Big Jay" 14 University of Central Florida - "Knightro" Tie 15 Louisiana State University - "Mike the Tiger" Penn State University - "Nittany Lion" University of Arkansas - "Boss Hog" 16 University of North Alabama - "Leo the Lion" 17 University of Colorado 18 University of Oklahoma - "Sooner" 19 University of Northern Iowa - "T.C" 20 University of South Carolina - "Cocky" 21 University of Cincinnati Tie 22 University of Kansas - "Baby Jay" Western Kentucky University - "Big Red" 23 University of Hartford - "Howie the Hawk" 24 Syracuse University - "Otto the Orange" 25 University of Nebraska - "Lil' Red" 26 Wake Forest - "Demon Deacon" 27 University of Georgia-Athens - "Hairy Dawg" 28 Indiana Wesleyan - "Wesley the Wildcat" 29 University of New Mexico - "Louie Lobo" 30 University of West Alabama